Subscription Retainers

The Lawfecta Advantage

Stability with flexibility

Receive guaranteed weekly availability of a dedicated Team Member and pay a drastically reduced payment without the burden of payroll, benefits, and other legal issues. Our weekly subscription services offer attorneys flexible, cost-effective access to skilled virtual paralegals and legal secretaries. Starting from just 2.5 hours a week, our tailored support helps optimize workload management and enhance efficiency.

The Basics

Review Resumes

Our resumes outline the skills and experience of our professionals. Select your perfect Team Member or we can match you with the ideal candidate.

Introductory Call

Schedule a free 30 minute call with the potential Team Member. During the call you can clarify expectations, and understand the overall relationship.

Retainer Deposit

Once you've selected your ideal professional, place your retainer deposit through our automated retainer portal. No long term commitment required.

Get To Work

Assign work as needed, manage your retainer in the Billing Portal, correspond with your Team Member, and watch you’re productivity grow!

Experience Unmatched Flexibility

Why Choose Our Weekly Subscription?

Cost-Effective Assistance

Starting with as low as 2.5 hours a week, we provide an affordable solution for legal assistance. This model allows attorneys to scale their help according to their budget and needs without the overhead costs associated with full-time in-house staff.

Consistent Professional Support

Having consistent support ensures that no task falls through the cracks. Maintain a high level of service for their clients with the backing of a professional team, helping to build a better reputation and client satisfaction.

Flexibility and Scalability

Attorneys can adjust the number of hours they require based on their fluctuating caseload, making it an ideal solution for managing variable work volumes without committing to a long-term hiring process.

Subscription Pricing

Highly vetted and experienced legal professionals, no training required.

First time clients receive our introductory offer:

Subscribe to a 5 – 10 hour retainer & receive 2 hours free.

Subscribe to a 15 hour retainer & receive 5 hours free.

Subscribe to a 20+ hour retainer & receive 8 hours free.



$ 65.00

/ hour

Work with 1 dedicated Paralegal

Minimum deposit of 2.5 hours

No long-term commitment required

Meet your staff before paying

What we handle (so you don't have to):

Payroll taxes

Worker compensation

Retainer management

Human resources



$ 40.00

/ hour

Work with 1 dedicated Legal Secretary

Minimum deposit of 2.5 hours

No long-term commitment required

Meet your staff before paying

What we handle (so you don't have to):

Payroll taxes

Worker compensation

Retainer management

Human resources

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you need.

Review Resumes - No Credit Card Required

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Why us?

Business Growth

Utilize the flexibility of a virtual Team Member to grow as your needs demand.

No Hidden Fees

No administration or set up fees, your retainer deposit goes 100% to your work.

Easy To Use

Use our online integrated module to easily assign work and track billable time.


Review entries in our online Billing Portal, track your retainer and expenses effortlessly.


Use our Project Management system to assign work to plan and structure work in a way that is best for you.

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