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Why Post-Signing Engagement Matters

In the dynamic world of estate planning, the end of one journey marks the beginning of another. As an attorney, your relationship with clients shouldn’t end with a one-time service. The key to sustained growth and continuous revenue in your practice lies in effective post-signing activities. That's where our Legacy Revision Planner Marketing Essentials Package comes in – a toolkit designed to keep your clients engaged and your services indispensable.

Strengthen Client Relationships
Increase Revenue Opportunities
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Customization at Your Fingertips

Inside the Free Post-Plan

Marketing Essentials Package

12 customizable PAGES

Annual Estate Plan Review Guide

This customizable guide is designed for your firm's branding. The planner provides an essential post-signing resource for clients. It educates clients about the need for annual estate plan reviews, prompting them to schedule yearly reviews with your firm.

8 customizable IMAGES

The Power of Post-Estate Planning Social Media Images

These Canva-editable images are designed to capture attention on social media. They’re perfect for illustrating the importance of post-estate planning and keeping your audience engaged.

8 customizable IMAGES

Social Media Images for Lead Generation

These images are tailored to boost your visibility and attract potential clients. Use them to promote the Lead Magnet for the Revision Planner and watch your client list grow!

Annual Estate Plan Review Guide

By encouraging regular reviews, attorneys can position themselves as indispensable advisors, leading to increased client trust, referrals, and sustained revenue streams. This proactive approach not only caters to clients' immediate needs but also safeguards against potential disputes or litigation, reinforcing the attorney's role as a vital protector of their clients' legacies.

Lead Generation With Social Media

Boost your online engagement and lead generation with our Social Media Carousel Images, tailored for the Annual Estate Plan Review Guide. Customize them to echo your firm's unique branding and voice. Communicate the importance of yearly estate plan reviews, driving more client interactions and reinforcing your expertise in estate planning.

The Power of Post-Estate Planning

With ready-to-use Canva templates, customization is a breeze, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your brand’s unique style. Ideal for any social platform, these images enhance your digital outreach, making complex estate planning topics accessible and interesting to your followers. Engage, inform, and grow your online community effortlessly!

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