Review Management

Are You Making This Mistake?

Did you know that almost 90% of potential customers will read reviews on Google or Facebook before deciding?

Not having an effective review collection and management system allows your competitors to gain an edge and significantly undermines your chances of success.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Customer reviews and testimonials are extremely important for conversions, loyalty, and credibility. Reviews affect the decision-making process, and collecting, sharing, and displaying your best testimonials can and WILL help you get ahead of the pack.

Collect, Manage, And Show Off Your

Customer Reviews 100% Fuss-Free

Improve Credibility

Would you trust an attorney, a lawyer, or a law firm with just 2 reviews on Google? In the digital era, your reviews are a part of your brand identity and Lawfecta is here to help you build credibility without

any fuss.

Enhance Awareness

Help your potential clients learn more about your business, take advantage of social proof, and let your happy customers do the marketing for you. How? By automating your review management with Lawfecta.

Supercharge Conversions

When customers read your sparkling reviews, they are more likely to choose you over the competitors. Lawfecta’s automated review management system allows you to boost conversions even if you have zero experience.

What we Do

We take all the guesswork and fuss out of review management. Our innovative service enables lawyers and attorneys to collect, manage, display, and share reviews without any hassle.

Online Testimonials

Collecting reviews from customers has always been a challenge. Our Review Forms are a simple but powerful way to earn your business the glowing reviews it deserves. Reviews posted to Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more will be automatically imported into your dashboard for you to display on any website.

Video Testimonials

Customers can submit video testimonials to the Lawfecta Review Management platform. Prefill their data using SuperLinks and offer rewards with Incentivized Requests. By removing hurdles you can allow your customers to focus on what they came to do — leave your business glowing feedback.

Let Your Reviews Do All The Heavy Lifting


Build your own review management and automation system based on your individual needs.


Collect reviews on auto-request, send out automated review request emails or SMS, and take advantage of FOMO to boost social proof and credibility.


Sync all your reviews from Google, Facebook, or other platforms, and share them using an attention-grabbing website widget.

Our Platform

Focused On The Legal Industry

Unlike other review management services, we are not Jacks of all trades. We are laser-focused on the legal industry.

Collect Reviews In Your Sleep

Automating your review management strategy will allow you to save more precious time and focus on other aspects of your practice.

Budget-Friendly Marketing Hack

Costing less than an XL Honolulu Hawaiian Brooklyn Style pizza from Domino’s, Lawfecta’s cost-effective plans start at just $47 per month.

Review platforms we support

Our system automatically imports reviews from these platforms, and displays them on your site with our beautiful website widgets.















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Pricing Plans


Get started with review automation and begin building brand trust.

100 saved contacts

25 testimonials submissions per month

50 email requests per month

10 SMS requests per month

10 video testimonials per month

Custom Domain

Incentivized reviews

Ticket support


Get started with review automation and begin building brand trust.

500 saved contacts

75 testimonials submissions per month

250 email requests per month

50 SMS requests per month

30 video testimonials per month

Custom Domain

Incentivized reviews

Ticket & Live Chat support


Get started with review automation and begin building brand trust.

1500 saved contacts

250 testimonials submissions per month

500 email requests per month

150 SMS requests per month

100 video testimonials per month

Custom Domain

Incentivized reviews

Ticket, Live Chat & Phone support

white glove setup

$597/set up

White-glove set up of your review management systems.


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All Plans Include


Automatically generate new testimonials by sending your customers review requests at the right time, and in the right way.

Contact Import

Already have lots of testimonials? Great! Add them quickly via the dashboard or import them in seconds from other platforms.

Website Widget

Our widgets enable you to display reviews imported from sources such as Google. Add our embed code to your website and you're done.

Review Forms

Fully customizable to your brand and use case. Add a logo, change the colors, edit text and specify which data you’d like to collect.

Fomo Popups

Utilize the fear of missing out to convert new customers with CTA buttons. Add any link you like and track clicks to see the effect on conversions.

Wall of Love

Create a stunning, infinitely loading page of all your amazing feedback. Cement trust and add to the power of social proof.

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