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Our Virtual Paralegals possess strong work ethics, exceptional problem solving skills and are comfortable working in fast-paced and dynamic settings.

We can assist with pleadings, law and motion drafting, legal research, due diligence matters, and the general support.

Legal Secretary

Work with a Legal Secretary to provide legal and administrative support. We assist with e-filing, case management, organization, public liaison, calendaring, drafting correspondence, vendor management, and any other secretarial projects or duties that you may need.

Virtual Receptionist

Upgrade your client interactions with our bilingual Virtual Legal Receptionists, on hand 24/7 for all inbound and outbound calls, as well as booking consultations with potential new clients. With the perfect blend of human interaction and AI technology, we revolutionize the client experience.

Review Management

Our innovative service enables lawyers and attorneys to collect, manage, display, and share reviews without any hassle. Help your potential clients learn more about your business, take advantage of social proof, and let your happy customers do the marketing

for you.

The Basics

Review Resumes

Our resumes outline the skills and experience of our professionals. Select your perfect Team Member or we can match you with the ideal candidate.

Introductory Call

Schedule a free 30 minute call with the potential Team Member. During the call you can clarify expectations, and understand the overall relationship.

Retainer Deposit

Once you've selected your ideal professional, place your retainer deposit through our automated retainer portal. No long term commitment required.

Get To Work

Assign work as needed, manage your retainer in the Billing Portal, correspond with your Team Member, and watch you’re productivity grow!

Automatic Matching

Our advanced algorithm analyzes your specific requirements - be it in

terms of expertise, budget, or other criteria that are important to you. It then scans through our directory to find the professionals who align best with your needs.

Bookmark Favorites

This feature allows you to identify and bookmark your favorite virtual

paralegals, articles, and more on your account. Once bookmarked, you can easily access this content later. Save time, stay organized, and manage your favorite content with ease.

Vetted and Trusted

We don't just list any paralegal company in our directory. Each company listed on Lawfecta has undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our high standards of professionalism, expertise, and reliability.

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Our Plans

Flex Retainer

Use the time as you need it, and replenish when your needs demand. No long-term commitment necessary. After you deposit a Flex Retainer, it is available for up to sixty (60) days for work to be performed against.

Subscription Retainer

Receive guaranteed availability of a dedicated Team Member and pay a drastically reduced monthly payment without the burden of payroll, benefits, and other legal issues. Each Subscription requires a minimum commitment of three (3) months.

One Time Fee

The rate we give you is the rate you will pay in total for the entire

project until completion. Work with one dedicated Team Member to complete quick turnaround items without any long-term commitments.

Our Platform

Retainer Portal

Review entries in our online Billing Portal, track your retainer and expenses effortlessly.

Project Management

Use our Project Management system to assign work. Plan and structure work in a way that is best for you.

Client Dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard provides quick access to contracts, agreements and retainer replenishment options.

Struggling to balance the demands of your busy practice?

Enhance your practice with the support of Lawfecta

Quality Expertise

Our directory is teeming with top-notch virtual paralegals, each a specialist in their domain. With Lawfecta, you are not just getting assistance; you are getting the best in the industry.

Hassle-free Get Matched Platform

The "Get Matched" platform uses an advanced algorithm to match attorneys with virtual paralegals that best align with their specific requirements. Our cutting-edge platform simplifies the process by matching your specific needs with a virtual paralegal that ticks all your boxes.

Cultivate Successful Partnerships

Lawfecta is more than just a directory. It's a platform that fosters lasting relationships, ensuring that you not only get the assistance you need but also build partnerships that contribute to your firm's success.

Why us?

Business Growth

Utilize the flexibility of a virtual Team Member to grow as your needs demand.

No Hidden Fees

No administration or set up fees, your retainer deposit goes 100% to your work.

Easy To Use

Use our online integrated module to easily assign work and track billable time.


Payroll Taxes

Worker Compensation

Human Resources

Retainer Management

Background Checks

Confidentiality Agreements

Conflict Checks

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