Elevate Your Law Firm with Our Virtual Receptionist Services.

Every call you miss is a potential client walking away. As an attorney or law firm owner, you can't afford these missed opportunities.

Are Missed Calls Hindering Your Growth?

Every missed call in legal services can be a lost client. First impressions matter. Unanswered calls can seem unprofessional, pushing potential clients away. For law firms, this means missed chances to build trust. Using virtual receptionist services ensures every call gets due attention, boosting your firm's potential.

Bilingual Team
Pay-per-Call Pricing
No charge for spam

Always-On Call Answering

Ensure every call is picked up anytime, day or night, with our 24/7 phone answering services.

Round-the-Clock Outbound Calling

Expand your reach as our dedicated agents conduct proactive outreach, opening doors to potential sales.

Web Chat Services with AI Integration

Combine human touch and AI precision to convert website visitors into leads, 24/7.

Seamless CRM Integration

Every interaction - be it calls, chats, or appointments - automatically updates in your CRM.


From new leads to loyal clients, we book appointments directly into your calendar.

Targeted Lead Intake

Lead screening that aligns with your ideal client profile, ensuring only qualified opportunities.

Bilingual Support

Cater to a broader audience with agents fluent in both English and Spanish.

Direct Warm Transfers

Once your leads are primed, we ensure a smooth transition directly to your team.

Reliable Payment Collection

From consultation fees to retainer costs, we streamline the payment process for you.

Robust Spam Defense

Benefit from our AI-driven shield against pesky robocalls and spam, at no extra cost.

Responsive SMS Support

Engage and convert leads reaching out via text, efficiently and professionally.

Real-Time Call Analytics

Dive deep into call insights via the intuitive client dashboard.

Prompt Outbound Callbacks

Never miss a beat. Our team ensures every lead gets timely follow-ups.

Opt-In Call Recording & Transcription

Maintain a record of each call for reference, handled by our dedicated agents.

Strategic Follow-Up

Post-call actions include SMS and email touchpoints, based on your specified criteria.

On-Demand Receptionist Coverage

Be it lunch hours, staff holidays, or any gap - we've got you covered.

Dedicated After-Hours Support

Your clients are supported even outside regular working hours.

Overflow Call Handling

When your lines are busy, we step in, ensuring every call gets an answer.

designed to empower you

Every unanswered call isn't just a missed ring; it's a missed relationship, a missed trust, and a missed opportunity.

Pricing - No Set Up Fees


30 Calls


For solopreneurs or small law firms, where every lead matters.

1 free transfer destination

$9.50 per conversation over 30


90 Calls


For growing law firms, where advanced systems are needed.

2 free transfer destinations

$8.50 per conversation over 30


180 Calls


For mature law firms that are ready to scale efficiently.

5 free transfer destinations

$7.50 per conversation over 30




We can create a plan to suit your high-volume needs.

Custom transfer destinations

Price adjusted based on your needs

All Plans Include

Lead screening & qualification
New client intake
Live-staffed with expert agents 24/7
Dedicated phone number
CRM integrations
No setup fees
No overseas agents
No hidden fees
No charge for spam
Rich business insights in your dashboard

Call add-ons

Priced per-call, monthly

Text & email follow-up

Book appointments

Huge Knowledge Base

Dedicated Spanish line

Third-party intake

Call transcription

SMS/Slack notifications

Microsoft Teams notifications

Conflict checks

Accept collect calls

Extended intake

Complex call routing

Accept payments

Custom calendaring

Call recording

Business caller ID for outbound

Struggling to balance the demands of your busy practice?

Enhance your practice with the support of Virtual Receptionists

Boost Your Client Conversion Rate

Never miss out on potential clients. Our responsive service ensures every caller gets the attention they deserve.

24/7 Always-On Call Answering

Ensure every call is picked up anytime, day or night, with our 24/7 phone answering services.

Lead Screening & Intake

Every call or chat is meticulously screened using your specific criteria, ensuring you only engage with pre-qualified leads. Only leads that align with your business make their way to you.

Embrace Modern Efficiency

Discover Top Legal Tech Tools for Your Law Firm

Navigating the vast realm of legal tech can be overwhelming, but the

right tools can profoundly influence your firm's growth. We've simplified this journey for you. Dive into our curated collection of top legal tech resources, handpicked and vetted for their excellence. Plus, enjoy exclusive offers crafted just for you.

Gavel.io - Automation

By automating intricate processes, we empower attorneys to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional legal counsel. Embrace the future of legal practice and transform your operations.

Clio - Practice Management

Our mission is to revolutionize the way attorneys operate, providing them with tools that automate, optimize, and elevate their practice. Transform your day-to-day into a symphony of efficiency.

Outsourced Staffing

Dive deep into the possibilities of automation and outsourcing, guided by a team that understands the nuances of the legal world. We're your strategic partner, dedicated to offering bespoke consulting.

Get our guide to start outsourcing like a pro

Through outsourcing your daily tasks, you gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment and the required space to accommodate in-house employees. In our guide we show you how to get ready to outsource, how to win new clients and recommended partners.




Get our guide to start outsourcing like a pro

Through outsourcing your daily tasks, you gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment and the required space to accommodate in-house employees. In our guide we show you how to get ready to outsource, how to win new clients and recommended partners.

Trust, Transparency, and Rigorous Vetting

Lawfecta is a recognized and respected name in the industry, with a plethora of positive online reviews that speak to our commitment to excellence. When you choose Lawfecta, you're choosing a partner that is trusted by attorneys and paralegal companies alike.

In the legal industry, trust and transparency are not just words; they are the foundation of every successful partnership. At Lawfecta, we take these values to heart, and it shows in every aspect of our platform..

Spanish-speaking virtual receptionists

Ensure your law firm communicates effectively with our bilingual virtual receptionist for law firms. Based in North America, our team proficiently handles calls in both English and Spanish. Opt for a dedicated Spanish line, and every interaction will be professionally managed in Spanish. From the first web form contact to follow-up calls, trust our virtual receptionist to uphold a proficient, Spanish-speaking standard. Embrace inclusivity, capture every opportunity, and let us streamline your bilingual communication needs.

Don't let another client slip away! Schedule your consultation now and discover how 24/7 bilingual telephone answering services can revolutionize your client engagement.

24/7 answering service

24/7 call answering is about quality, not just availability. Our North America-based receptionists, from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, blend professionalism with warmth. For attorneys, this means:

  • Cultural Familiarity: Understanding local nuances for better rapport.
  • Enhanced Trust: Clients feel comforted speaking to a nearby representative.
  • Consistent Quality: Trained teams ensure respect, empathy, and promptness.
  • Always Accessible: Be available anytime, aiding clients in urgent needs or varied time zones.
  • Growth Potential: Every call is an opportunity. Don't miss out. With us, it's about being genuinely present.
Calls at 2 pm and 2 am cost the same. Don’t pay extra for 24/7 service.

Pay-Per-Call Billing

Get charged a flat rate for both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring transparency. This approach offers volume discounts and can encompass add-on services like scheduling and lead screening without extra per-minute costs. No hidden fees with appointment bookings, ensuring clear costs for every interaction. We stand out by not charging for spam, sales calls, or wrong numbers.

Expect predictable monthly bills and a straightforward ROI.

No charge for spam

Nearly 20% of calls are spam, a number on the rise. This virtual receptionist service offers free spam and robocall blocking, ensuring only relevant calls get through. Our system automatically blocks over 20 million recognized spammers. Should a new spammer slip through, we instantly flag and block them. Our live receptionists act as the final line of defense, blocking any missed spam or unsolicited sales calls for free.

Leave spam concerns behind and trust in genuine interactions.

Efficiency, Innovation, Growth

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