Streamlined Fixed Fee Corporate Transactional Services

Elevate Your Firm's Efficiency and Predictability

By leveraging Lawfecta's fixed-fee corporate transactional services, attorneys and law firms can not only enhance their operational efficiency but also elevate their market position by catering to a broader range of clients with diverse corporate needs.

Experience the Clarity of Fixed-Fee Billing

Leveraging Lawfecta's fixed fee corporate transactional services is not just a smart financial move, but it also acts as a catalyst for growth,

promotes work-life balance, and positions law firms to offer superior value to their clients. In today's competitive legal market, this strategic partnership can be the differentiator that propels a firm to greater heights.

Expertise On-Demand
Efficiency and Quality

Predictable Budgeting

With fixed-fee services, attorneys can more easily forecast their expenses, allowing for better financial planning and resource allocation, which is crucial for a growing firm.

Diverse Talent Pool

Virtual platforms often give access to a global talent pool. This diversity can bring innovative approaches to case management, research, and other tasks, enriching the firm's service quality.

Efficiency Boost

By offloading specific tasks to skilled virtual paralegals, attorneys can focus on core aspects of their cases and client relationships, driving faster case resolutions and increasing client satisfaction.

Firm Growth

As the firm grows, the demand for paralegal services can fluctuate. With a fixed-fee virtual system, firms can easily scale up or down based on case load, ensuring they're never overstaffed or understaffed.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

By delegating time-consuming tasks to virtual paralegals, attorneys can reclaim personal time, leading to reduced burnout and improved overall well-being.

Reduction in Overhead Costs

Virtual services eliminate the need for additional office space, utilities, and other overheads associated with full-time in-house employees, directing more funds towards firm growth initiatives.

Flexible Access to Expertise

Virtual paralegals often have diverse legal backgrounds. Attorneys can tap into this pool of expertise on an as-needed basis without the commitment of a full-time hire, helping them tackle a wider range of cases.

Quick Adaptation to Market Demands

In rapidly changing legal landscapes, having access to on-demand paralegal services allows firms to swiftly adjust to new trends, requirements, or niches, positioning them at the forefront of market demands.

designed to empower you

Embrace fixed-fee virtual paralegal services today – because efficiency, transparency, and growth aren't just buzzwords, they're your future.


Traditional Pricing

We charge a predetermined, set fee for a specific service or package of services. Regardless of the time taken or the complexity of the task, the fee remains constant. This model offers predictability and is ideal for those who have a clear understanding of the service they require.


Volume-Based Pricing

The more tasks or projects you delegate, the more cost-effective the rate becomes. Essentially, it offers discounts or preferential rates based on the bulk or volume of work, making it an excellent option for firms with substantial or ongoing needs, as it can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Charting Your Journey with Fixed Fees

How It Works

Define Your Scope

With our structured intake process, you'll detail the specifics of the project. Clarity at this stage ensures alignment throughout.

Receive a Tailored Quote

We present a clear and comprehensive quote, detailing deliverables, timelines, and the fixed fee, plus any filing or third party fees.

Engage & Execute

Once aligned, your assigned virtual paralegal(s) dive deep into your project, ensuring timely and quality deliverables.

Feedback & Iterate

The end of a project doesn't mean the end of our engagement. We value your feedback to refine our offerings further.

Fees Do Not Include Filing Fees, If Applicable

Fixed-Fee Corporate Filings

Formation / Incorporation
  • Research state-specific requirements and guidelines.
  • Draft Articles of Incorporation or Organization.
  • Submit the documents to the respective state agency.

Registrations / Qualification
  • Prepare and file necessary paperwork for foreign qualifications.

  • Draft and file documentation for changes in corporate details such as company name, business address, or management structure.
  • Update state and federal agencies with changes as required.

Withdrawals / Dissolution
  • Prepare and submit documentation needed to officially close a business or withdraw its operations from specific states.

  • Assist in restoring a company's active status after it's been administratively dissolved.

DBA/Assumed Name Filings
  • Draft and file 'Doing Business As' (DBA) or fictitious name documents.

Merger Filings
  • Draft merger agreements and necessary resolutions.
  • File required documentation with the state to legally merge entities.

  • Assist in changing a business from one entity type to another (e.g., from an LLC to a Corporation).
  • Draft and file the required conversion documentation.

Name Registration
  • Assist in registering the business name to ensure exclusivity in its jurisdiction.

Annual Report Filing
  • Prepare and file annual or periodic reports mandated by the state.

Fees Do Not Include Filing Fees, If Applicable

Fixed-Fee Document Services

Certificate of Good Standing
  • Drafting: While typically no drafting is required, some jurisdictions may need a formal request form to be completed.
  • Filing: Submitting the request to the appropriate state agency, usually the Secretary of State's office or its equivalent.
  • Management: Ensuring receipt of the Certificate of Good Standing and securely delivering it to the attorney or client, while also making note of its validity period.

Certified Copies
  • Drafting: Preparing a request form or letter to obtain certified copies of specific documents held by a governmental agency.
  • Filing: Submitting the request to the appropriate department or office, ensuring all necessary details are provided to retrieve the exact documents required.
  • Collection: Receiving the certified copies and forwarding them to the attorney or the client securely.

Bring Down Letter
  • Drafting: A Bring Down Letter is a confirmation that the representations and warranties as per a previous agreement still hold true as of a certain date. The paralegal would draft this based on the original agreement and any new developments or information.
  • Filing: While it's not typically filed with a governmental agency, it is sent to the necessary party or parties involved in an agreement or transaction.

Apostille / Legalization
  • Drafting: Preparing a request form or letter, where necessary, to obtain an Apostille or legalization for a specific document.
  • Filing: Submitting the document to the relevant state agency or the U.S. Department of State, or foreign consulate/embassy, as the case might be, for Apostille or legalization.
  • Collection: Upon completion, ensuring that the document with its Apostille or legalization seal/stamp is securely received and delivered to the attorney or client.

Fees Do Not Include Filing Fees, If Applicable

Additional Services

EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Drafting: Preparing the necessary forms, such as Form SS-4, which is used to apply for an EIN with the IRS.
  • Filing: Submitting the prepared form either online, via fax, or by mail to the IRS, and following up as required.
  • Management: Ensuring the receipt of the EIN and securely communicating it to the attorney or the client.

Name Availability
  • Research: Conducting thorough searches in the state’s business registry to check if a desired business name is available.
  • Reporting: Providing a comprehensive report detailing name availability and potential conflicts or similarities with existing names.

Name Reservation
  • Drafting: Preparing the necessary forms required to reserve a business name with the state's Secretary of State or the relevant authority.
  • Filing: Submitting the name reservation form and ensuring the desired name is held for the client for the specified duration.

Publication Service
  • Coordination: Liaising with local publications or newspapers, as mandated by certain state requirements when forming an entity.
  • Drafting: Preparing the necessary announcements or notices for publication.
  • Verification: Ensuring that the announcement is published as required and collecting proofs or affidavits of publication.

Tax Clearance Service
  • Drafting: Preparing requests for certificates of tax clearance, typically required when a business wishes to dissolve, withdraw, or sometimes during mergers.
  • Submission: Filing the request with the relevant tax authorities and following up as necessary.
  • Collection: Obtaining the tax clearance certificate and ensuring its secure delivery to the attorney or client.

Pre-Clearance Submission
  • Preparation: Compiling all necessary documents required for pre-clearance, which is a preliminary review by the state to check for potential issues before official submission.
  • Submission: Filing the documents with the relevant authority for their review.

Corporate Binder
  • Compilation: Organizing key corporate documents into a binder. This includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of board meetings, stock certificates, and other foundational documents.
  • Digital Management: If an electronic corporate binder is being used, the paralegal would maintain and update it on a suitable platform, ensuring secure access for authorized individuals.

Printed Stock Certificates
  • Drafting: Designing or templating stock certificates in line with corporate branding and legal requirements.
  • Issuance: Filling out stock certificates based on share allocation, ensuring accurate reflection of ownership percentages, and recording issuance in corporate records.

Corporate Seal
  • Design: While they might not physically create the seal, a virtual paralegal can assist in designing or choosing a template for the corporate seal, ensuring it contains necessary information like the corporation's name, year of establishment, and state of incorporation.
  • Usage: For digital documentation, a scanned image or digital version of the corporate seal can be managed and applied to official documents as directed by the attorney.


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